PlayJam Portable Media Console

Measuring just 6cm x 6cm, PlayJam’s OTT small-form media console is designed to sit unobtrusively behind your TV when in use and is easily transported when travelling. Aimed at the family living room, the device is more than powerful enough to support AAA streaming and casual downloadable games as well as other rich media content.


PlayJam Gamepad

The PlayJam Gamepad provides a familiar form factor using lightweight yet high-quality materials. With a full compliment of 16 buttons, the controller provides an excellent accessory to TV-based gaming proposition.

The Gamepad connects to the PlayJam Console via the industry-standard Bluetooth® HID protocol ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Connect up to 4 controllers to the console for multi-player gaming.

PlayJam Ethernet Adapter

While the PlayJam console performs to a high standard on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi networks, PlayJam’s optional ethernet adapter provides maximum bandwidth where distance from the router provides a less than optimal environment. The adapter plugs into the side of the console maintaining the console’s small form factor by employing pass-through USB.


Full Customization Options

Our hardware can be modified to fit with customer branding requirements.


Meet the Misfits

PlayJam offers a range of customizable and collectable kid- focused, character-led controllers designed for little hands!